Deploy to production

Before going further in the customization, it would be great to know how to deploy Forest Admin to a remote environment.

To do so, just click on the Deploy to production link visible from the yellow top bar.

Don't know where to deploy your back office application yet? We recommend to use Heroku. Check out our tutorial to deploy to production to Heroku.

Otherwise, you're completely free to deploy your database and your back office application wherever you want. Check out our tutorial to deploy to production to Ubuntu server.

Once your back office application is deployed, you have to set two environment variables:

  • FOREST_ENV_SECRET: A private token - given by Forest Admin - used to identify your project environment in Forest Admin.

  • FOREST_AUTH_SECRET: A private token - chosen by yourself - used to sign the data token and protect your back office API.

For example, if you are on Heroku, you can do it through the Settings of your application:

Finally, just type the correct Application URL to reach your back office app and click on the Verify button.

The Forest Admin interface automatically adapts its protocol according to your application URL. So, it's very important to set a HTTPS url to ensure your back office will only be used through this secure protocol.

At this point, this step is successfully completed 🎉

You can switch to the production environment using the dropdown on the top-left of your screen.