Security tab

You need to be on a Forest Admin Plus plan to have access to this tab

Your Security tab unlocks 3 features:

IP whitelisting

Control which IP addresses you wish to allow access to.

Auto logout

Force logout after x minutes of inactivity.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Increase your security level by requiring a temporary code at login.

2FA can be added on specific environments of your choosing.

Activate 2FA

Activate the feature in your project settings and choose on which environments you want the feature to be active.

Generate a 2FA token

To make the feature work, you need to add a token to generate authentication token which will be exchanged with Forest Admin. The token consist on a 20 hexadecimal ([0-9,a-f]) characters. You can generate one using the following command (on a terminal), and pass the result to the customer:Bash

openssl rand -hex 10

 This will return you a string composed of 20 hexadecimal characters.

Use the token

To use the token (let's take d51fe514f7c4d63d1156 as an example), you simply needs to add it to your environment variables:


 The token needs to be the same on ALL envs