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The tutorials present common admin panel use cases, implemented from scratch. Get inspired by reading the ones that are relevant for your business.

User Guide

The User Guide presents all features available from the user interface and is stack-agnostic.

Developer Guides

If you are a developer looking to customize your Forest Admin, check out the Developer Guide corresponding to your technical stack.

Latest versions

Use the latest documentation if you are using one of the following frameworks and agents:

  • Flask (forestadmin-agent-flask agent)

  • Laravel (forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin v2+ agent)

  • Node.js (@forestadmin/agent agent)

  • Ruby on Rails (forest_liana agent)

  • Symfony (forestadmin/symfony-forestadmin agent)

Legacy versions

Use the legacy documentation if you have created a project based on the following technical stacks, in the described periods:

For projects created before July 5th, 2022 using:

  • Express (forest-express-mongoose or forest-express-sequelize Node.js agent)

For projects created before March 31, 2023 using:

  • MariaDB (forest-express-sequelize Node.js agent)

  • Microsoft SQL (forest-express-sequelize Node.js agent)

  • MongoDB (forest-express-mongoose Node.js agent)

  • MySQL (forest-express-sequelize Node.js agent)

  • PostgresSQL (forest-express-sequelize Node.js agent)

For projects created before July 18, 2023 using:

  • Laravel (forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin v1 agent)

For projects created before December 6, 2023 using:

  • Django (django-forestadmin agent)

Public API

Forest Admin provides an API that lets users access Forest Admin data.

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