Rate limit

The Forest Admin API utilizes rate limiting to ensure optimal performance, prevent abuse, and guarantee fair access for all users. This mechanism restricts the number of API requests you can make within a specific timeframe.

Rate limit details

  • Limit: 300 requests per minute

  • Window: fixed window (all requests within a one-minute interval are counted)

  • Scope: This limit applies to both user credentials and IP address.

Two users sharing the same IP address will be subject to the same rate limit counter.

Error handling

Upon encountering a rate limit error, the server will respond with a specific HTTP status code and header:

  • HTTP Status Code: 429. This code signifies that your client (user or IP) has surpassed the allowed request quota within the defined window.

  • Header: Retry-After. This header accompanies the 429 code and suggests a waiting period before retrying the request. The value is specified in seconds.

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