Make a field readOnly with Sequelize

Sequelize does not allow by itself to define a field as readOnly. But you can do so by using on of Sequelize's addons named sequelize-noupdate-attributes.

the LastName field is readOnly in Sequelize but not the email field


How it works

Directory: /models

This directory contains the files where your models are defined with Sequelize. To make fields readOnly you need to require the sequelize-noupdate-attributes package and add the noUpdate option to the relevant fields.

The noUpdate option will throw an error if the user tries to update a field that already has a value. However the user will be able to update a field that has a null value.

const sequelizeNoUpdateAttributes = require('sequelize-noupdate-attributes');
module.exports = (sequelize, DataTypes) => {
const { Sequelize } = sequelize;
const Users = sequelize.define('users', {
firstName: {
type: DataTypes.STRING,
noUpdate: true,
lastName: {
type: DataTypes.STRING,
noUpdate: true,
email: {
type: DataTypes.STRING,
}, {
tableName: 'users',
underscored: true,
timestamps: false,
schema: process.env.DATABASE_SCHEMA,
return Users;