Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

This is the most common issue you can encounter while setting up the Forest Admin Agent. Opening the Developer Console of your browser will help to detect this kind of issue. As Forest Admin provides a complete middleware, please make sure:

  • That the Forest Admin Agent is mounted before any other middleware (Especially in a NestJS context, as the Nest App Factory allows configuring CORS on creation, and it can interfere with the @forestadmin/agent package).

  • That your server is up and running. This can be easily checked by using the /forest endpoint.

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Finally, when your local server is started, you should be automatically redirected to a satisfaction form. Rate us so we can improve, then go to your newly created admin panel

If you installed Forest Admin on a local environment, your admin backend will most likely run on an HTTP endpoint.

This explains why, if you try to visit, you will be redirected to as this is the only way it can communicate with your local admin backend.

Deploying your project to production will enforce HTTPS.

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Revision created on 5/31/2023