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Tutorials for specific use cases

How to turn an auto-generated admin panel into the central hub of various operations
Congratulations! 🎉
Once you created a project and connected your data source or data sources, it is time to turn your auto-generated admin panel into the central hub of your company operations, where each team member can access, manage, and act upon user data.
Forest Admin offers a myriad of features, either available out-of-the-box or requiring customization - with code or using our WYSIWYG layout editor.
This guide will help you turn an auto-generated admin panel into a tailor-made Customer Support Tool. More use case-specific tutorials are coming soon!

Customer Support Tool

🧩 Adding tailor-made Customer Support-specific features
Now, that you have all the fundaments, it's time to create use case-specific features. With Forest Admin it only takes a few moments, as we facilitate the process thanks to smart actions. Learn how to do it.
🔎 Building a Customer Finder app
As an admin panel is the single source of truth when it comes to customer data, there must be a quick and efficient way to look for a specific information. Learn how to build a Customer Finder app with no-code.