How to turn an auto-generated admin panel into the Customer Support Tool

Customer Support equals navigating a labyrinth of requests, inquiries, and troubleshooting. From managing a high volume of tickets to maintaining clear communication and tracking progress, the fundamental need of every CS team member is to have access to user data, and to be able to act upon it.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn an auto-generated admin panel into a fully-featured Customer Support Tool, customized to the unique needs of each team.

You will learn how to:

  • Get the most out of the basic Forest Admin features such as CRUD, filters, segments, various views, dashboards and activity logs, and learn how to tweak them to meet the needs of your CS team.

  • Equip a CS team with features that allow them to:

    • reset a user's password,

    • change a plan,

    • block a user,

    • anonymize a user,

    • impersonate a user,

    • apply a promo code,

    • and mark a ticket as resolved.

  • Equip a CS team with dashboards to track user behavior and their own KPIs.

  • Onboard a team with the right level of access control.

  • Quickly build a Customer Finder App with no-code.

Let's get started!

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