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Whether your team needs to onboard a few or a few thousands new accounts per day, it is always useful (to say at least) to have a dashboard or several dashboards to track progress and KPIs.

Forest Admin can be your BI tool thanks to various types of charts and seamless integration with Metabase. In this part of the tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create a dashboard with the most useful charts for user onboarding.

  • How to integrate your Metabase dashboard to have all the data on one screen on Forest Admin.

How to build a dashboard

Creating charts on Forest Admin takes only a few moments. Dashboards support several types of charts (including the single value, distribution, time-based, percentage, objective and leaderboard).

Check this tutorial to see how fast and easy it is 👇

Common Types of Charts for User Onboarding with KYC and KYB processes

To give you some inspiration, here are the most common types of charts for User Onboarding, KYC, and KYB:

  • The number of users to onboard,

  • The number of companies to onboard,

  • The distribution of accounts created by status (to onboard, approved, rejected, pending documents)

  • New users registered per day, week, month.

  • New users/companies onboarded per day, week, month / per team member.

  • A cohort chart to keep track on new user retention.

  • A geographical distribution of new accounts visualized on the map.

To create the two last ones, it is necessary to create a custom-built chart because sometimes your business require to determine how the chart is computed.

Go to the Documentation to learn more about Custom Charts.

If your BI tool is Metabase and you prefer to keep it that way, you can easily integrate all Metabase charts to Forest Admin. Go to the Documentation to read more or watch the video below 👇

Congrats! Your User Onboarding tool is practically ready. Now it's time to learn how to give the right team members the access to the right data.

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