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When handling new customers onboarding, involving KYC and KYB processes in particular, it is essential to set up the proper team-based Access Control system.

On Forest Admin gives you the ability to assign permissions based on roles (e.g., analysts, managers, admins) to ensure that users (including external contributors) only have access to the data and functions necessary for their roles, which is essential for compliance. You can set it up from your Project Settings without writing a single line of code.

Access Control

Roles and Permissions

Each Role has its own set of permissions. Thanks to that, e.g. a KYC analyst won't be able to perform actions restricted to the KYB team. You can make some actions to be only available for managers or senior specialists, others - only to external partners. Forest Admin adapts to every team setup.

What if you want to allow team members to perform actions but only under specific conditions? For example every KYB analyst needs to be able to onboard a company based in the EU. However, to be able to onboard companies located outside of the EU, your company process requires a secondary verification and a green light from the KYB team leader. Such a setup can be easily created on Forest Admin thanks to conditional approvals.

Advanced Team-based Access Control

You may take a step further and limit what different teams can see when logging in to the admin panel. If you decide to create different teams, e.g. KYC and KYB, the KYC analysts won't see the list of companies to onboard because each team has its own layout. You can also create a special team for your external contributors and limit their access even further - e.g. by disabling their access to analytics or activity logs.

Internal User Management

Project Settings also have a dedicated space to manage your team members - this is where you invite them, assign them roles and give or revoke accesses.

Read the detailed guide to Roles and Permissions on Forest Admin


User Onboarding is very often a team work. To make it easier, Forest Admin offers several out-of-the-box features that allow your team to:

  • Leave comments, notes, and tag other team members.

  • Manage actions that require some caution thanks to approval workflows.

  • Verify every action in the Activity Logs.

To learn more about Collaboration features, go to the Documentation and watch this detailed video on how to organise the most efficient approval workflow 👇

It is almost the end of the tutorial. So far you have learned how to:

  • Prepare your auto-generated admin panel to turn it into User Onboarding tool.

  • How to adjust the UI to meet the needs of your analysts and operators.

  • How to add custom actions for smooth customer onboarding.

  • How to build a user-friendly KYC tool with no-code.

  • How to build an automated queue of tasks.

  • How to build a dashboard.

  • How to give the right team members access to the right data.

In fact, your Customer Onboarding tool is ready. How it's time to have a look at security features to make sure your customer data is safe and your business is compliant to privacy and security regulations.

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