📊Dashboards for KPI reporting

As you can see in the previous steps, with Forest Admin you can quickly build a central hub for all customer operations, thanks to easy access to user-related data, and customized actions to take on that data.

But you can also make it a BI tool thanks to various types of charts and seamless integration with Metabase.

Common Types of Charts for Customer Support Teams

1. Ticket Volume Over Time

  • Purpose: This line chart helps track the volume of customer support tickets over a specific period. It allows teams to identify trends, busy periods, and potential issues that may require additional resources.

  • How to create it:

    • Choose the chart type (in our case, time-based) and give it a name.

    • Select the collection with relevant data (e.g., tickets) and choose the timeframe.

    • Using filters, choose only the tickets that haven't been resolved.

2. Ticket Priority Breakdown

  • Purpose: A pie chart that displays the distribution of ticket priorities (e.g. high, medium, low), but it can be used the same way to display statuses (e.g., open, closed, in-progress), or the most common topics. It helps support teams understand the current workload and prioritize tasks.

  • How to create it:

    • Choose the chart type (in our case, Distribution) and give it a name.

    • Select the collection with relevant data (e.g., tickets) and group tickets by priority.

    • You can filter data, e.g. to only show unresolved tickets.

These are just the two most common examples, but Forest Admin supports various types of charts, besides the time-based and pie charts presented above:

  • Single value, e.g. to quickly show the number of tickets created last week.

  • Percentage, e.g. to show the percentage of tickets solved today.

  • Objective, e.g. to follow the KPI of tickets resolved per day vs. the objective.

  • Leaderboard, e.g. to show the most common reasons for opening a ticket.

Read more about Charts in the documentation.

Create your Custom-made charts thanks to Smart Charts

In Forest Admin, you are not limited to choosing between the default charts. We know that sometimes data is complex and closely tied to your business. That's why Forest Admin allows you to code custom-made charts and determine how the chart is computed.

Go to the documentation to read about API-based charts, and Smart Charts, such as table charts, bar charts, cohort charts, and density maps.

Integrate your Metabase charts to Forest Admin

If your BI tool is Metabase and you prefer to keep it that way, you can easily integrate all Metabase charts to Forest Admin using Smart Charts.

Go to the Documentation to read how to bring your Metabase charts to Forest Admin.

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