Create a density map

This is the official documentation of the forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin v2+ and forestadmin/symfony-forestadmin PHP agents.

This last example shows how you can achieve virtually anything since you are coding in a sandbox. There's no limit to what you can do with Smart Charts.

In this snippet, notice how we import the D3js ↗ library. Of course, you can choose to use any other library of your choice.

This density map chart is inspired by this one ↗.

The resulting chart can be resized to fit your use.

use ForestAdmin\AgentPHP\DatasourceCustomizer\Context\AgentCustomizationContext;
use ForestAdmin\AgentPHP\DatasourceCustomizer\Decorators\Chart\ResultBuilder;

    function (AgentCustomizationContext $context, ResultBuilder $resultBuilder) {
       $client = new GuzzleHttp\Client();
       $contours = $client->get(
           '' .
           'f34b1b50944da27903e014b409958dc29b03a1c9cc331949d6a2a404c19dfd0d9d36d9c32274e6ffb' .
           'c07c11350ee?response-content-disposition=attachment%3Bfilename*%3DUTF-8%27%27coun' .

       $population = $client->get(
           '' .
           '81776fcc1608ee4adbd532ea9ccf2f1decc004d57adc76735478ee68c0fd18931ba01fc859ee4901d' .
           'eb1bee2ed1b?response-content-disposition=attachment%3Bfilename*%3DUTF-8%27%27popu' .

       return $resultBuilder->smart(
               'contours'   => json_decode($contours, true, 512, JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR),
               'population' => json_decode($population, true, 512, JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR),

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