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Quick start

Let's get you up and running on Forest Admin in minutes!


Forest Admin is a low-code internal tool solution that scales with your project. With 30+ out-of-the-box tools and pre-built UI components, you can ship an admin panel in a few minutes, and then easily customize it to meet your specific business logic. Thanks to the layout editor, non-technical team members can adjust the UI to their needs.
Forest Admin has a unique hybrid architecture - only the frontend is managed on Forest Admin servers, which gives you the flexibility of a SaaS tool without compromising on data security.

Quick Start

Forest Admin offers a lot of flexibility in terms of installation. The following guide provides a way to start using Forest Admin in minutes.


  • PHP ^8.0
  • Symfony ^5.4 / Laravel ^8.0
  • If you want to use our example database, make sure Docker is installed and running

Create an account and follow the onboarding

Go to ↗, and create an account and a new project.

Add dependency to your PHP app

You're all set!
At the end of your onboarding, you will out-of-the-box be able to:
  • Access all your data (1)
  • Export your data (2)
  • Add a record (3)
  • View and edit a record (4)
  • Edit your UI (5)
  • Search and filter (6)