Migration steps

This is the official documentation of the forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin v2+ and forestadmin/symfony-forestadmin PHP agents.

This section concerns the migration of a Laravel v1 agent to a Laravel v2 agent.

Step 1: ForestCollection

The ForestCollection trait does not exist anymore in the new agent. You should remove it from your code.

Steps 2: Install the new agent

composer update forest/laravel-forestadmin

Check the version installed in your composer.json file is ^2.0.0.

Step 3: Run the installation command

Don't remove your FOREST_AUTH_SECRET and FOREST_ENV_SECRET from your .env file. It will be used by the new agent. If you had published the previous configuration file config/forest.php in your application, you must delete it to use the new file published automatically by the command below.

Run the command install:

php artisan forest:install

Step 4: Configuration

By default, the agent retrieves all models in your application's App namespace.

Step 5: Customization

Previously, when you wanted to customize a SmartAction, you had to set it in each model. Now, you need to set it in the config/forest_admin.php file. You have to remove your previous SmartActions and put them in the configuration file. More information is in the dedicated guide

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