Create a table chart

This is the official documentation of the forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin v2+ and forestadmin/symfony-forestadmin PHP agents.

Our first Smart Chart example will be a simple table: however you may choose to make it as complex and customized as you wish.

We will code it in 3 steps:

  1. create the chart values in your Agent (so that the data can be dynamically loaded),

  2. load that data inside of the component (and passing it down to the template),

  3. write the template.

use ForestAdmin\AgentPHP\DatasourceCustomizer\Context\AgentCustomizationContext;
use ForestAdmin\AgentPHP\DatasourceCustomizer\Decorators\Chart\ResultBuilder;

    function (AgentCustomizationContext $context, ResultBuilder $resultBuilder) {
       // You may want to load the data dynamically
       // [...]

       return $resultBuilder->smart(
               [ 'username' => 'Darth Vador', 'points' => 1500000 ],
               [ 'username' => 'Luke Skywalker', 'points' => 2 ],

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