This is the official documentation of Forest Admin Cloud.

When accessing a Collection in Forest Admin, the default view is the Table View, presenting data in a tabular layout for easy comprehension and interaction. Within this view, Forest Admin provides a host of powerful features, including the ability to search for specific records, apply filters for refined data display, navigate through pagination for large datasets, sort columns, and quickly edit records with a right-click. Moreover, you can seamlessly access detailed views by clicking on a specific line.

Beyond the default Table View, Forest Admin empowers you to create additional views tailored to your specific needs.

For example:

  • Calendar View: Visualize your data in a calendar format, perfect for events, deadlines, or date-centric information.

  • Gallery View: Display records in a visually appealing gallery, suitable for media-rich content.

  • Moderation View: Implement a view designed for efficient content moderation and management.

  • Map View: Geographically visualize data on a map for location-based insights.

  • Kanban View: Organize your data using the Kanban board style, facilitating a visual representation of stages and workflows.

The flexibility extends further; you can code these custom views using HTML, CSS, and JS, allowing for a highly customizable and tailored user experience. With Forest Admin's support for additional views, you have the flexibility to adapt your admin panel to match the unique requirements of your admin panel.

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