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Data Management

The Data Manipulation module in Forest Admin is conveniently accessible via the Data tab. This guide is a walkthrough of the module's diverse functionalities, guiding you through effective data access and manipulation. Whether you're executing CRUD operations, customizing views, or optimizing search and filtering, this documentation offers step-by-step instructions to maximize your use of Forest Admin's robust Data Manipulation capabilities.

Creating a record

To create a new record, start by accessing the desired collection through the "Data" tab. Once inside the collection, locate the "Add" button. Clicking this button will open the creation form. Take advantage of the Layout Editor within the creation form to customize the display of fields. Enable the Layout Editor to selectively showcase only the necessary fields during the creation process, allowing you to streamline the input experience. Arrange the fields in the preferred order to enhance efficiency and ensure a smooth data entry process.

Reading records

Forest Admin simplifies record reading with a default List View, presented as a customizable table. Enabled by the Layout Editor, you can select and order displayed columns as per your preferences.
Effortlessly navigate through records using pagination, adjust displayed records per page, and access a contextual menu for each line with a right-click. Robust search and advanced filtering options, coupled with sorting capabilities, streamline the process of locating and exploring specific records. This intuitive design ensures a swift and efficient reading experience, especially when dealing with extensive datasets.
Browsing records
Searching records
Reordering columns

Reading a specific record

Clicking on a specific record in Forest Admin opens up a myriad of views and features tailored for in-depth exploration.
Details View
The default Details View offers a comprehensive look at individual records. Here, you can meticulously configure the visibility and order of each field. The Layout Editor becomes a crucial ally in this process, providing a dynamic means to customize the presentation of data within the Details View. By seamlessly arranging fields, you ensure a focused and efficient view that aligns with your specific needs.
Summary View
The Summary View in Forest Admin is a versatile tool that lets you easily customize how you see your important data. In Layout Editor mode, you can drag and drop pre-built components like sections, fields, relationships, and actions to create a personalized view. This means you get to decide what information is most crucial for your specific needs. Imagine it as having a complete and organized snapshot of your key data, providing a full picture of what's important in one glance. It's like having a 360-degree view of your essential information, making it simpler to understand and act upon.

Explorer View

The Explore View in Forest Admin is particularly well-suited for records that have intricate relationships with depth. This view is designed to seamlessly navigate and comprehend datasets with numerous interconnections. If your records involve complex relationships and layered information, the Explore View provides a user-friendly way to delve into the details, making it an ideal choice for managing and understanding records with depth and multiple connections.


Facilitating effective teamwork, the Collaboration Tab lets you add notes dedicated to a specific record. This collaborative space promotes communication among team members, fostering a shared understanding of the record's context, history, and any pertinent details.
Activity Log
Ensuring transparency and accountability, the Activity Log meticulously tracks all admin activities related to a specific record. This log offers a detailed account of changes, providing a historical perspective on the record's lifecycle. The Activity Log is a valuable tool for auditing and maintaining a clear record of actions taken within Forest Admin.

Updating a record

Updating a Record To modify an existing record, navigate to the specific record you wish to update within the desired collection through the Data tab. Once on the record, locate and click the Update button. This action will open the update form, where, similar to the creation process, you can access the Layout Editor. Utilize the Layout Editor to personalize the view by selectively showcasing and arranging only the necessary fields, tailoring the update form to match your preferences. This ensures a streamlined and efficient data modification experience, allowing you to make precise adjustments to the record.

Deleting a record

Removing a record can be initiated in various ways, whether on a single specific record or multiple records. To commence this action, navigate to the desired collection through the "Data" tab. Once on the record or records you intend to remove, locate and activate the "Delete" option. A confirmation prompt will then appear to verify your intention to delete the record(s). Confirm your choice, and the record(s) will be permanently removed from the collection.
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