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Approval Workflows

Discover enhanced collaboration and workflow control with the Approval Workflow feature in Forest Admin, conveniently located under the Collaboration tab. When an action is triggered, navigate to the dedicated Approval Workflow section to review and manage the process. Seamlessly approve, reject, or add comments to ensure precise communication within your team.
Dive into the timeline and history sections for a comprehensive view, tracking every step of the approval process. Once your team has collectively reviewed and approved an action, the system executes it promptly, ensuring a streamlined workflow.
Tailored for larger teams, the Approval Workflow feature introduces advanced processes, providing a structured and controlled environment for decision-making. Elevate your collaboration dynamics within Forest Admin, where every action undergoes a thoughtful review and approval process, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in your workflows.

Configuring an approval workflow

To set up an approval for a specific action in Forest Admin, navigate to the Project Settings and select "Roles." Choose the role you wish to configure and edit its permissions. Within the permissions settings for the desired action, you will find the option to enable the approval workflow. Activate the "Require approval" checkbox to initiate the approval process for this action.
  • Require approval: Enable the approval workflow on this action.
  • Approve: Grant the role the authority to approve this action.
  • Self Approve: Allow the role to self-approve an action triggered by the role itself.
By configuring these settings, you establish a structured approval workflow for the specified action, ensuring a controlled and collaborative decision-making process within your Forest Admin project.
Last modified 3mo ago