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Analytics in Forest Admin introduces the Dashboard feature, a powerful tool designed to enhance your data analysis capabilities. To add a new chart to your Dashboard, enable the Layout Editor mode, providing you with a seamless and customizable experience.

Charting Capabilities

The Dashboard in Forest Admin offers a comprehensive set of charting capabilities. From single values to pie charts, time-based charts, leaderboards, percentages, and objective charts, you have the flexibility to choose the visualization that best suits your data.

Creating Your Dashboard

Crafting your dashboard is a straightforward process. Utilize the intuitive Dashboard interface to add and configure components. Drag and drop the desired chart type, adjust settings such as data source and visualization parameters, and you're ready to go. Leverage the flexibility provided by Forest Admin's Dashboard to tailor your data representations to the specific needs of your operations.

Custom Coding for Advanced Users

For users with a coding inclination, the ability to code custom chart rendering opens up endless possibilities. By delving into the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript options, you can create unique and highly customized visualizations to precisely convey the information you need.
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