Smart Charts

This is the official documentation of the forestadmin-agent-django and forestadmin-agent-flask Python agents.

Create a Smart Chart

By using the finite list of predefined Charts (Single, Distribution, Time-based, etc.), you are constrained by how that data is displayed.

With Smart Charts, you can code exactly which data you want and how you want it displayed!

You need to be on a Forest Admin Team plan ↗ to have access to this feature.

Creating a Smart Chart

To create a Chart and access the Smart Chart Editor, click on the Edit Smart Chart button:

Next, use the Template, Component, and Style tabs to create your custom Chart. At any point, you can render your chart by clicking on the Run code button.

Don't forget to click on Create Chart (or Save if the Chart is already created) once you're done!

If you are creating a Smart Chart in the context of a specific record (in the record Analytics tab), the record object is directly accessible (either through this.args.record in the component or @record in the template).

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