API Charts

This is the official documentation of the forestadmin-agent-django and forestadmin-agent-flask Python agents.

API charts in the legacy agents were declared using express routes.

In the new agent, you will need to use either the agent.addChart or the collection.addChart function, depending on if the chart is to be displayed on a record of a collection or a dashboard.

You can find the full documentation of chart customization here.

Code cheatsheet

Legacy agentNew agent

route in urls.py

agent.add_chart collection.add_chart(...)

render Chart

return result_builder.value(...) return result_builder.distribution(...)

request object


How to migrate

Migrating should be straightforward: the only differences are that:

  • dashboard charts are now declared using the agent.addChart function.

  • collection charts are now declared using the collection.add_chart function, and access the record id using context.record_id instead of request.query?.record_id.

  • Both types should use the resultBuilder helper to return the chart data.

  • Define a new route in urls.py:

  • Setup an action into a controller

from django_forest.utils.views.base import BaseView

class MrrChartView(BaseView):
    def post(self, request):
        mrr = 0
        stripe = StripeClient("sk_AABBCCDD11223344")
        for charge in stripe.charges.all({"limit": 3}):
            mrr += charge.amount
        res = {
            "data": {
                "attributes": {
                    "value": {"countCurrent": mrr}
                "type": "stats",
                "id": uuid.uuid4(),
        return JsonResponse(status=200, data=res)

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