Migrating legacy agents

This is the official documentation of the forestadmin-agent-django and forestadmin-agent-flask Python agents.

You may want to migrate from a legacy agent to this new agent. This guide will help you do so.

The new agent is built with a different architecture and breaks API retro compatibility with the legacy agents in many ways. However, as this new agent provides a more efficient API to let builders focus on their operational needs, we encourage you to migrate to speed up your future admin panel evolutions.

Am I using a legacy agent?

You are using a legacy agent if you are using the version 1 of django-forestadmin ↗ package.

When to migrate?

Legacy agents will reach their end-of-support in July 2024 and end-of-life in January 2025.

To give more visibility to our developers' community, about agent usability and support in the future, you will find on this page ↗ the important lifecycle dates per agent stack and versions.

Missing features

The new agent brings a lot of new features, but a small subset of what was available in the legacy agents is not yet there.

Route overrides

Route overrides ↗ allowed customizing the behavior of the routes exposed by the agent.

Because our new agent API is higher-level, the protocol used to communicate between the agent and the application can no longer be manipulated.

All use cases that we have seen so far can be implemented using the new agent customization system, but because the former system was lower-level, we cannot guarantee it.

A specific migration guide is available for this feature.

"Live Query" charts

Due to popular demand, it is planned to be reintroduced in a future version of the agent, but we don't have a timeline for it yet.

Live Query Charts ↗ allowed the creation of charts from SQL queries from the UI.

Because the new agent no longer exposes the nature of the underlying database, this feature was not ported into the new agent.

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