How to turn an auto-generated admin panel into the Customer Onboarding tool.

Welcome to Forest Admin! If you need a customers onboarding solution that can support KYC and KYB procedures, you're in the right place, as we are experts in both internal tools and business operations.

Forest Admin lets you generate an admin panel on top of your data source, and with some customization, it can serve as a tool to manage internal operations, such as customer support, user enrollment, a BI tool, or a customer onboarding tool.

Forest Admin has all the building blocks that are necessary to create such a solution. We've created this tutorial to demonstrate how to equip your teams with tools to boost their productivity. Most of these components don't require coding skills. Only a few advanced customizations do, and they're clearly indicated in the tutorial.

One of Forest Admin customers, Fingo, uses it to onboard thousands of new users every day!

Here is what you will learn:

  1. Step One: Getting Started.

    1. How to create a project on Forest Admin,

    2. How to add new users,

    3. What are other features available out-of-the-box: search, filters, export.

  2. Step Two: UI Customization.

    1. How to customize the auto-generated UI to display the customer data in the right order.

    2. How to save filters to let your team access segments of data with one click without a need to apply filters each time - e.g. to have a list of accounts that are ready to onboard.

    3. How to present all relevant data and action buttons on one screen.

  3. Step Three: Advanced Customization.

    1. How to add functionalities to approve and reject users and companies in the onboarding. All with no-code!

    2. How to add a functionality to update the status of a user or a company using our low-code developer workflow.

    3. How to display different customer documents the way you want to, not the way they're stored in the database.

    4. How to make your Onboarding team even more productive thanks to AI-powered custom actions.

  4. Step Four: Automating Processes.

    1. How to build a KYC tool using no-code WYSIWYG editor.

    2. How to create an Inbox to automatically route records to your operators, e.g. KYC analysts.

  5. Step Five: Analytics & Reporting.

    1. How to create custom dashboards to have all the user data in one place.

    2. How to integrate Metabase charts with Forest Admin.

  6. Step Six: Team Access Control & Collaboration.

    1. How to give the right team members access to the right data and actions.

    2. How to use notes, comments, and approval workflows for smooth team collaboration.

  7. Step Seven: Data Security.

    1. How to secure your customer data thanks to 2FA, SSO, and other out-of-the-box security features.

In each section you will find interactive step-by-step demos that will guide you through all the settings. You can also explore the User Onboarding live demo on your own.

Let's get started! 🎉

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