Advanced Export

The advanced export plugin allows to implement custom data exports in various formats.


npm install @forestadmin/plugin-export-advanced


The plugin can be used directly on the Agent, or a specific Collection. Using it on the Agent will enable the export for all Collections.
All settings are optional. Not providing them will open a form in the UI to configure the export.
import { addExportAdvanced } from '@forestadmin/plugin-export-advanced';
agent.customizeCollection('accounts', collection => {
collection.use(addExportAdvanced, {
* The name of the export button
* default: Export <collection name> (advanced)
actionName: 'Export mailing list',
* The name of the export file, should not include the extension
filename: 'mailing-list',
* The format of the export file
* Supported formats are: '.csv', '.xlsx', '.json'
format: '.xlsx',
* The fields to export.
* Relations can be exported using the following notation.
fields: [
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