Cross-data source relationships

This is the official documentation of the @forestadmin/agent Node.js agent.

Adding as many data sources as you need is good, inter-connecting them together is better.

The relation mechanism allows you to add a relation between different data sources, regardless of their type.

If you want to know more about adding relations, please refer to this section.

const { createAgent } = require('@forestadmin/agent');
const { createSqlDataSource } = require('@forestadmin/datasource-sql');
const { createMongooseDataSource } = require('@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose');

// Plug multiple data sources to a single agent.
const agent = createAgent(options)

// Add a relation between a Mongoose collection and a SQL collection.
agent.customizeCollection('countryFromMongoose', collection =>
  collection.addOneToManyRelation('towns', 'townsFromPostgres', {
    originKey: 'country_id',

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