Intra-data source Relationships

This is the official documentation of the @forestadmin/agent Node.js agent.

We've seen that when building data sources, collections must fulfill the contract they defined when declaring their capabilities.

The same is also true for Intra-data source relationships which are declared on the structure of a collection: declared relations must be handled when processing filters, projection, and aggregations.

In practice

one-to-many and many-to-many relationships do not require additional work: Forest Admin will automatically call the destination collection with a valid filter.

On the other hand, many-to-one and one-to-one relationships require the implementer to make all fields from the target collection available on the source collection (under a prefix).


If a structure declaration contains the following statement

class MovieCollection extends BaseCollection {
  constructor() {
    super('movies', null);

    // [...]

    this.addField('director', {
      type: 'ManyToOne',
      foreignCollection: 'people',
      foreignKey: 'directorId',
      foreignKeyTarget: 'id',

Then the collection must accept references to fields from the people collection under the director prefix in all method parameters.

// The following call is using both fields from the "movies" and "people" collection
await dataSource.getCollection('movies').list(
    conditionTree: {
      aggregator: 'And',
      conditions: [
        { field: 'title', operator: 'Equal', value: 'E.T.' },
        { field: 'director:firstName', operator: 'Equal', value: 'Steven' },
    sort: [{ field: 'director:birthDate', ascending: true }]
  ['id', 'title', 'director:firstName', 'director:lastName']

should return

  "id": 34,
  "title": "E.T",
  "director": { "firstName": "Steven", "lastName": "Spielberg" }

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