Naming conflicts

This is the official documentation of the @forestadmin/agent Node.js agent.

When importing collections to an admin panel, you may encounter naming collisions.

You can tackle them by renaming the collection that is causing issues.

There are two ways to rename collections: either provide a plain object which maps the old names to the new names, or a function which does the same.

Don't worry about leaving naming collisions: your development agent will warn you and crash at startup.

const { createAgent } = require('@forestadmin/agent');
const { createSqlDataSource } = require('@forestadmin/datasource-sql');
const { toPascalCase } = require('./utils');

const agent = createAgent(options);
const sqlDataSource = createSqlDataSource(

// Rename sqlDataSource collections by providing replacements
  // Rename the `customers` and `stores` collections.
  // Note that other collections won't be renamed.
  .addDataSource(sqlDataSource, {
    rename: {
      customers: 'customersFromFrenchBranch',
      stores: 'storesFromFrenchBranch',

  // Renaming can also be done by providing a function.
  // All collections will be renamed (the handler is called once per collection)
  // This example is pretty usefull if you are migrating an old project following our migration guide
  .addDataSource(sqlDataSource, {
    rename: underscoreCasedName => toPascalCase(underscoreCasedName),

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