This is the official documentation of the @forestadmin/agent Node.js agent.

We are well aware that Forest Admin is a commercial project, and asking for open-source contributions may seem off-limits to some.

However, if you have written a data source, open-sourcing it on our repository also has advantages for you.

Did you write a reusable data source for a SaaS, or to a database vendor that we don't support?

At Forest Admin, we would love to see it!

How to suggest a new data source

Would you consider making a Pull Request ↗?


When suggesting a new data source, reach out to us and we'll work together to bring your data source to the standards that we follow.

However note that:

  • We'll merge only data sources to SaaS which have enough traction (so that it is likely that other customers than you will use them)

  • You must use TypeScript

  • Translating data sources are preferred (when implementing one is possible, depending on the target API)

Once merged

Once data sources are merged into the agent repository, we try very hard to:

  • Maintain them up-to-date on each new release of Forest Admin

  • Maintain high to very-high test coverage

  • Maintain public and up-to-date documentation

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