Edit a record

Your data is made up of records which contains fields. Each field can be edited - provided the right permission is set. Here we'll learn how to edit a field.

You can set an entire collection as Read only for specific roles in the Roles tab. You can set a specific field as Read only in its basic settings.

From the Details View

To edit a record from the Details View, simply click on the Edit button at the top right.

You'll enter an Edit mode where you can change values of editable fields. Don't forget to Save!

A field can be disabled in Edit mode for several reasons: • if it's set as read only • if it's a Smart Field with no set method

From the Summary View

You can edit from your Summary View just as easily:

From the Table View

To edit from the Table View ("inline editing"), right-click on the field you wish to edit:

The edit input will look like this:

Once you've edited the field:

  • Click on Save or press Enter to save

  • Click on Discard or press Escape to cancel any changes and exit the inline edit

⚠️If the field is read-only, Edit will appear disabled in the right-click menu:

Belongsto fields' reference field - which appear in blue and are a link to another record - can neither be edited nor copied. However you can still copy their value "manually".

Ajusting the way you edit your data

The above forms can be customized using the Layout Editor.

Moreover, each field uses a default edit widget which can also be changed to better fit your edition need.

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