Display record-specific charts in Analytics

Creating a Chart on a specific record

Forest Admin’s dashboard is handy when it comes to monitoring the overall KPIs. But you may find the analytics module useful for a more in-depth examination of a specific company, user or any other items.

“Analytics per record” are only supported in the API and Query modes.

  • For Query charts, use the character ? to inject the current record the user is currently seeing to your query.

  • For API charts, the parameter record_id is automatically passed in the HTTP body to access the record the user is currently seeing.

A chart added on a record with such parameters will work for all records.

For security reasons, only SELECT queries are allowed.

An example

In the following example, we compute the number of transactions per month for the company “Deliveroo”. The companies.id is an integer here, so there’s no need to quote it.

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('month', transactions.created_at) AS key, SUM(transactions.amount) / 100 AS value
FROM companies
JOIN transactions ON companies.id = transactions.beneficiary_company_id
WHERE companies.id = ?

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