Setup guide

You've successfully installed Forest Admin 🎉 and you're wondering what's next? Here are a few recommendations:

Get to know your new interface

Forest Admin includes a quick tour to take you through the basic views and settings: when you reach your project for the first time, you can click on the blue circles whenever you need more information!

We strongly recommend that you try our Layout Editor mode.

Manage your collection settings

Check out how to access your collections' settings panel:

Manage your collection settings

Create a segment

Learn how segments can help you better visualize your data:


Choose the right widgets

For each field, you can set how it is displayed and how it is edited:

Customize your fields

Trigger a Smart Action

Every business is unique: that's why we created Smart Actions:


Add a new chart

Charts help you analyze your data. Learn all about charts here:


Invite your teammates

Forest Admin is much more powerful as a team! And inviting new people to join is easy.

You just have to go into your project settings and enter the Users tab, then invite new users.

To learn more about Teams, visit this page.

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