Workspace KYC example
In this guide, we will walk you through the creation of a workspace for the KYC use case. The goal of this Workspace is to allow users to quickly visualise companies missing key documents, and to upload those documents, in a single interface. You can find the final workspace in our KYC live demo.

Create your Workspace

The first step is to create your first option. In your Forest Admin project, preferably in your staging environment, click on the 🧩 logo and then "Create your first Workspace"
That's it, you've created your first Workspace! You are now in the Workspace drag-and-drop editor.
You can rename it by clicking the 🖊 icon next to "My Workspace".

Add text to guide your users

To make your Workspace clear and guide your users, you can add Text components. Drag and drop the "Text" component from the right bar to the place you want in your Workspace:
Let's add the title of the workspace for instance. You can choose the color, formatting, size of the text and the text component.

Add a chart component

One big advantage of Workspaces is that you can mix various components in a single interface. In our case, we want to give users visbility on the number of companies that are missing at least one document. To do so, drag and drop the Chart component from the side bar:
Then, give your chart a name, decide on the chart type. Here we're going with "Single Value" as we just want display the number of companies missing documents.
Choose the collection for which you want to display data, in our case "Companies", and select "Count" for the view, as we just want to count the companies missing documents.
Finally, add the relevant filters and logic between the filters to display the right data. In our case, companies will have empty "passport id", "bank statement id", etc, when missing those documents.
Done, you now have a graph. By the way, you can also leverage the Text component to guide your users into how to use your Workspace!

Add collection to allow users to manipulate data

Next, let's jump to the heart of our Workspace, the Collection components that will allow users to see which companies are missing which documents, and to upload those missing documents.
To add a collection to your workspace, select the Collection component from the sidebar:
Place it in your Workspace and resize it as you wish. In the sidebar, select which collection you want to display, in our case "Companies", as well as which segment. For this Workspace, we create one segment with all companies missing each document.
Rinse and repeat for each segment, add Text components to tell your users which Collection includes which segment, and you're done!

Using our new Workspace

We create the perfect Workspace for our documents management workflow. Now let's see how our users are going to use it.
Click on "Exit builder" and you will land on the user facing Workspace.
The collections within Workspace come with the same actions available in the collections within the "Data" tab.
Meaning that for our use case, within each collection component, users can select one company. Let's say "Valimail" from the "Companies without passport" one. And once a company is selected, they can perform the "Upload Legal Docs" action.
I can upload a valid passport for Valimail
And that's it, one less company without a passport, and Valimail doesn't appear in our collection anymore.