Introduction to Workspaces

Workspaces are our latest solution to building powerful custom applications for your operators.

Our vision is that, in the future, workspaces will become the place where operators handle 100% of their work. The "Data" tab will always exist, but it will become secondary, when you need to deep dive into your data for some occasional cases.

What is a workspace?

A Workspace is a simple application that you can build using components to tackle a specific workflow. Once built, it should become your operators' main tool to do their day-to-day work.

A Component is a piece of UI that you can combine with others to build the application that will help operators increase their productivity doing their day-to-day work. There are a lot of components you can use:

  • Text,

  • Divider,

  • Tabs,

  • Section,

  • Collection

  • Chart,

  • Field,

  • Button,

  • Search,

  • Link,

  • Dropdown,

  • Toggle.

...and many more in the future!

See below a Workspace example from our KYC Live Demo:

Workspace example

What are the future improvements of workspaces?

What you see now are only the first steps of workspaces. We're currently working on making them much more powerful with the following next iterations:

  • Smart-action forms: embed your Smart Action forms into workspaces.

  • Multi-page: create more than one page for the same workspace and link them together.

  • Smoother experience: auto-save, copy/paste, undo, keyboard shortcuts.

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