Configure SSO with Okta

Okta SSO for Forest Admin

You must have one project in your organization with the plan Forest Admin Pro plan to access this feature.


  1. In your Okta admin dashboard, click Create a new app integration

  2. Select SAML 2.0 and follow the wizard.

  3. Navigate to the Okta application you just created. Click on the Sign On tab, Metadata details section, and copy the Metadata URL head to Forest Admin, select XML file upload or XML file endpoint and paste the Metadata URL to the Metadata XML endpoint.

  4. You can perform some tests before enabling it for your whole company..



Assertion Consumer Service URL is responsible for receiving the SAML response. Check Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL

Audience URI (EntityID)

A globally unique name


Name ID format

Should be email address used on Forest Admin accounts

Select EmailAddress

Application username

Select Email or let None

Update application username on

Select Create and update

(Optional) Default RelayState

Only useful for IDP-initiated login

{"organizationName": "<OrganizationName>", "destinationUrl": "organization.projects"}


Check the steps below this if you encounter an issue:

  • Double check all information (endpoints, certificate expiration dates, etc..)

  • Make sure the Name ID format configured on your Identity Provider is the email address used on Forest Admin accounts too

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