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The global Activity tab gives you an overall view of all your team's activities:

It allows users to track any actions triggered by a member of a Forest Admin project.

The actions that are displayed in the activity view are "write" actions:

For each of these actions, the user, the targeted record(s) and timestamp are logged.

Forest Admin tracks and stores these activities without records’ sensible data except the ID/primary key to be able to reconcile data, on users request, in the user interface.

Although this is a fairly rare configuration, it is important to note that, for technical reasons, there is currently a limitation when tracking activities on collections sharing the same name with a different capitalization (example: myCollection and MyCollection). Such configuration can occur, for instance, during legacy collection migrations on the data source plugged to Forest Admin.

In such configuration, the activities tracked on a collection (myCollection) can be attached to the other (MyCollection).

Export activity logs

As an admin user, you can access to a wider range of activities that occurred in Forest Admin; not only "write" actions (as detailed above) but also "read" action like searches, filters, record details visualization, dashboards visualization, records exports and more.

This feature generally helps administrators for users monitoring and operational issues investigations.

Simply click on the "Export" button in the header, then select a date range and click "Export activities". Shortly after, you will receive a link to download your export, by email.

Activity of a record

As your team grows, so does your customer pool. It gets harder to stay on top of everything that happens on a specific record. Forest Admin also enables you to access the activity logs of a record by clicking on the Activity tab of a record page:

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