Options are adjustments that can be made on top of your selected widget settings.

Options apply right before the value is displayed, that's why they are only available in the display settings panel.

There are 2 options. Some are available only on specific widgets.

Alter values

This option allows you modify values fetched from your database before they are displayed on your screen.

This options is best suited for enum type fields (since there is a finite number of possible values), but can also be useful for other type fields in specific situations.

Conditional formatting

This option helps you customize your data's appearance to optimize your users' efficiency dealing with it.


This is only available for enum type fields. It sets a random colored badge for each separate value.

This is a possible outcome:


The "Custom" setup allows you to set conditional rules to control how your data is displayed.

Add a rule

To add a new rule, click "+ Add a rule" at the bottom. Next, you need to define your condition. Note that condition operators depend on the selected field type.

If 2 conditions are satisfied, only the top one will be applied.

It's then up to you to customize how you want the data to be displayed. Change the color by clicking on the colored square. Use the Sample for a quick peak at what the outcome will be.

Add a default rule

You may also add a default rule, which will apply if no other condition is met:

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