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What is a view?

A view is simply the way to visualize your data in the Forest UI. By default, Forest Admin renders your data using a Table View when you access multiple records and a form view to access, edit and create a specific record.

Forest Admin's different views

After browsing through the Table View of a Collection, you might want to dig further into a specific record. Click on a specific row to display a record’s page.

Table View

The Table View is the most basic view of your collection. It shows collections as rows and their fields as columns:

The Table View

You can switch your default Table View to a Smart View. Learn more here.

Details View

The Details View is a list of all your collection's fields and their values:

This view is useful, but a bit abrupt. This is why we created the Summary View.

Summary View

The Summary View is much more user-friendly and it's created by you! Check out the Build a Summary View page.

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