Build a Summary View

You may not need all your data on a day-to-day basis; however you want it well presented and easy to read! This is why we've created Summary Views.

Organizing your data layout with the Visual builder

To configure a Summary View, go to the Summary tab (1), then click "Add one" (2).

Once the Summary View created for a specific collection, it will become the default entrypoint while navigating to a record of this collection.

If a Summary View already exists, you can always reconfigure it by activating the Layout Editor mode.

The Visual builder works as a standard drag and drop tool.

It is divided into four categories: Formatting, fields, related data and actions. Add a “Section” from the formatting category and fill it with fields (1).

If you wish to delete a Section or a Module from your Summary View, simply drag it from the upper right corner (2) to the trash icon (3).

In the related data category, you will find all fields associated to your record (1). For example in the demo, a customer has many orders, so you find ‘Orders’ in the related data section (2). Adding a related data field works exactly the same way as other modules in the builder: just drag and drop it where you want (2).

Acting on your data

The Summary View is of course very useful to check at a glance all the information on a record. But, it is also possible to act on the data straight from this View. The last menu, actions (1) allows you to insert into a Section any of your Smart Actions.

For example in the Forest Admin Live Demo, you can upload Legal Docs (3) for a company and Mark it as Live (2) from this Summary View.

The Summary View will most likely be the main check point for your operational teams, so customize it wisely!

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