Create and manage a team

Create a team

You can create a team by going to your Teams tab in your project settings, then click "+ New team" (1):

When creating a team, you can optionally copy another team's layout (2).

Manage your team's layout

The layout of a team is the way every visible aspect of your UI is set, from columns to Smart Views to widgets.

If you want to apply an existing team's layout to another team, go to its settings page and use the "Copy" feature (3).

This action cannot be undone! Always review your action before copying a layout.

Delete a team

To delete a team, go to its settings page, scroll down under the user list and click on "Delete this team".

To delete a team, you will be asked to retype the team's name as a confirmation mechanism.

Danger zone: Be very careful, this action cannot be undone!

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