Manage your Forest Admin environments programmatically

Please be sure of your agent type and version and pick the right documentation accordingly.

This is the documentation of the forest-express-sequelize and forest-express-mongoose Node.js agents that will soon reach end-of-support.

forest-express-sequelize v9 and forest-express-mongoose v9 are replaced by @forestadmin/agent v1.

Please check your agent type and version and read on or switch to the right documentation.

Manage your Forest Admin environments programmatically

For continuous integration and automatization, we have developed a CLI which makes it easy to manage your Forest Admin environments.

This can be used for Q&A and testing purposes.


$ npm install -g forest-cli


$ forest [command]


  • user display the current logged in user.

  • login sign in to your Forest Admin account.

  • logout sign out of your Forest Admin account.

  • help [cmd] display help for [cmd].


Manage Forest Admin projects.

  • projects list your projects.

  • projects:get get the configuration of a project.


Manage Forest Admin environments.

  • environments list your environments.

  • environments:get get the configuration of an environment.

  • environments:create create a new environment.

  • environments:delete delete an environment.

  • environments:copy-layout copy the layout from one environment to another.


Manage Forest Admin schema.

schema:apply apply the current schema of your repository to the specified environment (using your .forestadmin-schema.json file).

This option is available only on agents version >+ 3.

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