Manage your Forest Admin environments programmatically

For continuous integration and automatization, we have developed a CLI which makes it easy to manage your Forest Admin environments.
This can be used for Q&A and testing purposes.


$ npm install -g forest-cli


$ forest [command]
  • user display the current logged in user.
  • login sign in to your Forest Admin account.
  • logout sign out of your Forest Admin account.
  • help [cmd] display help for [cmd].
Manage Forest Admin projects.
  • projects list your projects.
  • projects:get get the configuration of a project.
Manage Forest Admin environments.
  • environments list your environments.
  • environments:get get the configuration of an environment.
  • environments:create create a new environment.
  • environments:delete delete an environment.
  • environments:copy-layout copy the layout from one environment to another.


Manage Forest Admin schema.
schema:apply apply the current schema of your repository to the specified environment (using your .forestadmin-schema.json file).
This option is available only on agents version >+ 3.