Upload several files with the File Picker

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This is the documentation of the forest-express-sequelize and forest-express-mongoose Node.js agents that will soon reach end-of-support.

forest-express-sequelize v9 and forest-express-mongoose v9 are replaced by @forestadmin/agent v1.

Please check your agent type and version and read on or switch to the right documentation.

Upload several files with the File Picker

Smart action

If you set an input field as an array of strings (['String']), you can use the file picker to upload several files at once.

The following example shows you how to define an action allowing for the upload of several files.

In your forest/your-model.js file, add the following:

actions: [{
    name: 'Upload files',
    type: 'single',
    fields: [{
      field: 'files',
      type: ['String'],
      widget: 'file picker',
      description: 'upload your files'

Native edit

If a field corresponds to a column/field in your database set as an array of strings, you can upload several files when you use the file picker edit widget in the collection's settings. The field needs to be defined as an array in the sequelize / mongoose model definition (like so):

multipleDocumentPath: {
      type: DataTypes.ARRAY(DataTypes.STRING),
multipleDocumentPath: [String];

Video example available below:

💡 In order to be able to load several files that may be heavy, you will need to edit your app.js file as explained here.

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