The forest deploy command enables you to apply some layout changes to your origin environment.

$ forest deploy --help
Deploy layout changes of a branch|staging to Production.
forest deploy [BRANCH_NAME]
BRANCH_NAME The name of the local branch|staging to deploy to Production.
--force Skip confirmations.
--help Display usage information.

Deploying your changes

It is paramount to understand this command before using it:

As you can see in the above figure, the layout changes (Δ) located in your local branch my-branch will be irreversibly applied to your Production layout. Since your remotes' layout are based on your production's layout, the changes will appear there too.

To deploy, simply run forest deploy:

$ forest deploy
[? Select the branch|staging you want to deploy:
Staging 1
Staging 2

Deploy from the UI

This is possible only from a remote environment:

To deploy your latest layout changes from a remote environment, you may use the top banner link: "Deploy to production".