Please be sure of your agent type and version and pick the right documentation accordingly.

This is the documentation of the forest-express-sequelize and forest-express-mongoose Node.js agents that will soon reach end-of-support.

forest-express-sequelize v9 and forest-express-mongoose v9 are replaced by @forestadmin/agent v1.

Please check your agent type and version and read on or switch to the right documentation.


The forest login command allows you to authenticate using:

  • your Forest Admin email address

  • your Forest Admin password

$ forest login --help
Sign in with an existing account.

  $ forest login

  -P, --password=password  Your Forest Admin account password (ignored if token is set).
  -e, --email=email        Your Forest Admin account email.
  -t, --token=token        Your Forest Admin account token (replaces password).

The --token option refers to application tokens that you can create from your Account settings, accessible from the top right dropdown.

Note that you can use forest logout to log out.

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