Please be sure of your agent type and version and pick the right documentation accordingly.

This is the documentation of the forest-express-sequelize and forest-express-mongoose Node.js agents that will soon reach end-of-support.

forest-express-sequelize v9 and forest-express-mongoose v9 are replaced by @forestadmin/agent v1.

Please check your agent type and version and read on or switch to the right documentation.


As an admin user, KPIs are paramount to follow day by day. Your customers’ growth, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Paid VS Free accounts are some common examples.

What types of charts exist in Forest Admin?

Forest Admin can render six types of charts:

  • Single value (Number of customers, MRR, …)

  • Repartition (Number of customers by countries, Paid VS Free, …)

Only the 5 biggest categories will be displayed separately. All the others will go into a 6th "Other" category.

  • Time-based (Number of sign-ups per month, …)

  • Percentage (% of paying customers, …)

  • Objective (Orders passed per year VS objective, …)

  • Leaderboard (Companies who emitted the most transactions, …)

Ensure you’ve enabled the Layout Editor mode to add, edit or delete a chart.

Where can you add charts?

Charts can be added in 2 places:

  • In your Dashboard tab

  • In the Analytics tab of every record of a collection

In the following pages, you'll learn how to create all types of charts.

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