Scope on a smart field extracting a json's column attribute

Context: As a user, I want to scope a table's records based on the value of an attribute nested within a json column.
Example: I have a table users that includes a JSONB column named contact. The contact json can include a phone, email or country attribute. Since I want to scope my collection by country, I created a smart field called country that returns the value of the country attribute and I implemented a filter feature for this field.


The smart field definition and the filtering logic are defined as follows in the forest/users.js file of my admin backend.
const { collection } = require('forest-express-sequelize');
const models = require('../models');
const { Op } = models.objectMapping;
collection('users', {
actions: [],
fields: [{
field: 'country',
isFilterable: true,
type: 'String',
get: (record) =>,
filter({ condition, where }) {
switch (condition.operator) {
case 'equal':
return {
'': { [Op.eq]: condition.value },
// ... And so on with the other operators not_equal, starts_with, etc.
return null;
segments: [],
In order to make your smart field filterable in the UI, you both need to add the isFilterable: true option in the field's declaration and to enable filtering on this field in the field settings in the UI.