Update point geometry field using a smart field and algolia api

Algolia is sunsetting its Place services. We recommend that you use the Google service instead. Learn more.
Description: I need to fill in 2 fields in my db for a location: address 1 (a string) and location (a postresql geography point). Although a widget with autocomplete exists to fill an address string in the UI, the location coordinates can only be obtained manually by looking up the address in our search engine which is not optimal.create smart field to edit point field using the address widget and algolia API.
Approach chosen: Create a smart field in your Forest Admin backend app that will serve as the input field.
const Liana = require('forest-express-sequelize');
const algoliasearch = require('algoliasearch');
const places = algoliasearch.initPlaces(process.env.PLACES_APP_ID, process.env.PLACES_API_KEY);
Liana.collection('events', {
fields: [{
field: 'Location setter',
type: 'String',
get: (event) => {
return event.address
set: (event, query) => {
async function getLocationCoordinates(query){
try {
const location = await{query: query, type:'address'});
console.log('search location coordinates result', location.hits[0]._geoloc);
return location.hits[0]._geoloc
} catch (err) {
async function setEvent(event, query) {
const coordinates = await getLocationCoordinates(query)
event.address = query
console.log('new address', event.address)
event.locationGeo = `{"type": "Point", "coordinates": [${}, ${coordinates.lng}]}`
console.log('new location', event.locationGeo)
return event
return setEvent(event, query)