This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install Forest Admin

Start your installation on, by clicking "Install Forest Admin":

You'll be taken to a sign-up form to create your account:

... and project:

Next step asks you for your database credentials to help us generate the installation command you'll run on last step:

You can use a local or remote database, but note that this database will be used with your Development environment.

Next, choose an installation method (NPM or Docker) and paste the commands in your terminal:

When your local server is started, you should be automatically redirected:

Rate us so we can improve, then go to your newly created admin panel 🎉

If you installed using a local database, your generated admin backend will havehttp://localhost:3310 as an endpoint (Notice the HTTP protocol). This explains why, if you try to visit, you will be redirected to as this is the only way it can communicate with your local admin backend.

Next up, we suggest you go through our Setup guide.