Install in Rails

Now that you've followed the first steps of our sign-up process, let's install Forest Admin in your Rails app.

Please, check the following requirements are installed on your computer before you go any further:

1. Add the forest_liana gem to your application's Gemfile

gem 'forest_liana'

2. Bundle it

bundle install

3. Install it with the environment secret

rails g forest_liana:install <ENVIRONMENT SECRET>

The environment secret is given by to you during your on-boarding on If you haven't done so, go to and click on "Install Forest Admin".

4. Restart your server

rails s

5. Set your correct application URL

Then, verify your application URL (by default http://localhost:3000) and click Verify.

Congrats, you're now fully on-boarded! 🎉

Repeat your Forest password to authenticate yourself to your back office API and then follow the Setup Guide to customize your back office for your needs.