Invite your teammates

At this point, our back office can be used by the business team to browse, organize, streamline, manipulate and listen your application's data.

Before going further in the customization, we can invite people to try this new back office.

You cannot invite new people while running Forest Admin on your local environment. First, you need to switch to the production (or a remote) environment.

To avoid reconfiguring from scratch all the customization we just did in our local environment, we can use the Copy Layout feature to replicate the UI customization of one environment to another.

To do that, open the environment settings available from the project settings panel.

We will receive an email as soon as the Copy Layout procedure is completed. Then, we will be able to switch to the production environment and invite our teammates.

User roles determine the access level or permissions of your teammates.

  • Admin - Has all the privileges from the Editor role + can access all the project settings (manage teams, users, environments, billings, etc.).

  • Editor - Has all the User privileges and can access to the UI customization through the Layout Editor mode.

  • User - Can use all the features of the back office as an end user without accessing any customization options.

This setup guide step is now completed. 🎉