Migrate to the new Development Workflow
We've just released a new project which will dramatically improve the way you'll develop on Forest Admin from now on: a new development workflow.
However, to benefit from this, you must first upgrade your project in our system. We would have love to do this automatically, but for an optimal migration, we require your help.
If you created your project before May 10th, 2021 and want to benefit from this feature, please contact Forest Admin support to ask for it to be "ready to migrate".
To migrate your project and use the new development workflow, head over to your "Environments" tab.
Note that you can no longer manage your environments. To unlock this, you need to carry out the migration. To start the migration, click on "Learn more":
The migration is a 1-step process. First, make sure to carefully read the short introduction on the left: it should give you an overview of what the upgrade is about:
When you're ready to start the migration, click "Start migration process".
The following step is the only step were your input is required: you must choose how each of your environments should be migrated:
If you have a remote environment you no longer use, don't hesitate to flag it as Development: it will simply be deleted from your project.
If you don't have a production environment yet, you'll have to choose a default remote environment which will become the origin of your branches.
Once you're happy with how you've flagged each environment, be sure to check the Effect of migration column which should match your expectations.
Then click on "Migrate now" and... tada: the migration is asynchronous but should be quite fast. Take a minute to acknoledge the few tips on the left panel.
You have now successfully migrated your project. As a next step, learn more about the new development workflow in this section.
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